Dr. Janet Hogan Lamar has served in the following leadership positions in ministry: Youth Pastor, Elder, Outreach Director, and Assistant Pastor, as well as State and International Leadership Positions. She has given God complete access to her life. Dr. Lamar considers herself a puppet for God; therefore, He is the Master puppeteer. It is “He” who orders her steps to complete assignments for the advancement of the Kingdom. God has called her to transform lives through empowerment. She has three beautiful children: Tabitha (Jarvis Husband), Vannessia, and son Elisha, who is called to be a Prophet to the Nations. Aubrey, Anaya, Zion Joshua, and Ava, her grandchildren. God birthed an International Women’s Ministry in September of 2012, entitled: QUEEN ESTHER NETWORKS

The Ministry has a 4-fold purpose:

1. Empower, Equip, Educate & Encourage people of all ethnic groups utilizing Biblical and Life Principles that will transform their lives.
2. To Promote & Connect Entrepreneurs through networking opportunities.
3. To help women unlock and uncover the Queen inside of them that has been locked up, hidden by abuse, neglect, physical, mental, and emotionally scarred; to provide strategies that will direct them toward discovering their purpose and destiny.
Apostle (Dr.) Janet Hogan Lamar
The fourth purpose wasn’t identified until 2015: To establish a Global TV Network with diverse Talk Shows hosted by Global Leaders, Pastors, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Women, and Men worldwide. As the first to introduce TV Talk Shows in the Middle Ga area, Dr. Lamar has interviewed over 300 people and trained over 100 TV & Radio Hosts on various TV & Radio Platforms since 2015. In 2020 due to expansion, the Network underwent a name change to QUEEN ESTHER MEGA NETWORKS. The vision expanded to include Emerging Entrepreneurs, Coaching, Networking Conferences, Marketing, and Publications of Books & Magazines. Dr. Lamar’s educational background includes Luther Rice Seminary in Lithonia, Georgia, 2005; Beulah Heights University in Atlanta, Georgia, 2011; she currently plans to pursue a Business Management degree. A significant milestone that Dr. Lamar accomplished in 2012 was becoming an author. Her first set of books is entitled; “Prayers that Shake Heaven” and “Declarations and Decrees.” Dr. Lamar calls this birthing experience of her first set of books her Garden of Gethsemane moment.
This was the breaking point in her life in which she petitioned God fervently to remove the “Bitter, Black and Bloody” cup she did not want to drink.
In 2014, she founded and launched The Queen Esther Empowerment Center Ministry in Warner Robins, Ga., now located in Macon, Ga. The ministry name has since changed to LIVING IN THE NOW EMPOWERMENT CENTER MINISTRY.
As of 2020, she has launched multiple talk shows targeting Men, Women, Youth, and Voice of the Apostles & Prophets talk shows, with many more to come. The Network has trained several multicultural hosts to support the Global Assignment of TV/Radio. In 2018 she launched a Best Seller entitled; “The Life of Janet Lamar: Secrets, Lies, Spiritual Healing,” two Inaugural Magazines with anticipation of launching Queen Esther Training &; Empowerment Life Coaching Campus Sites.
She has many additional projects that God is still birthing. She desires to leave this world empty, fulfilling everything she was born to do. She was affirmed as an Apostle in 2020 by Bishop Gregory Lighter IV of South Carolina (Unity Church of God).
Her Motto’s are “Building the People of God – Builds the Kingdom of God” and “Networking is the Key to Expansion & Growth.”

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